Vita Garden
Lounge,Restaurant for Vita Garden


Vita Garden is a vibrant garden restaurant & lounge in the heard of South Beach. Every Wednesday it attracts hundreds of party hungry people with there signature “My Boyfriend is out of Town” party. clubTech preformed intelligent light and sound installation in the inside lounge and the restaurant’s garden. clubTech designed, installed and programed the garden’s sound system with multiple input sources and multiply audience speaker zones. The system is controlled with Rane Digital Sound Processor and three Rane smart remote control devices. The sound system is compromised of EAW speakers, Electro-Voice speakers, and QSC amplification. The architectural garden illumination is powered by high quality Color Kinetics and OEM LEDs. The lighting system is mapped and controlled by Sunlite Control System. Martin, Elation and Chauvet light fixture provide the dynamic light effects in the lounge which is programmed and controlled by e:Cue control system.