Wall Lounge 2012 Project

Wall Lounge at the W Hotel – place well known on Miami’s VIP map. After success of 2010 project, we did the place again. Better than ever, Wall was open again, beginning of November. The biggest change was to bring video system to the venue. HD display was made by twenty five bezel-less LCD screens, fully integrated with sixteen moving LED panel, with resolution of 7mm, and three motorized cameras, providing live feed to the system. Custom build media server is controlling entire video. In addition, we installed twenty two linear LED fixtures, washing the walls; eight LED moving heads; LEDs inside of the banquets; and custom LED frame with infinity mirror effect. Famous LED disco ball stayed. All together, place is loaded with technology, creating an amazing final effect. Success of 2012/2013 session is guaranteed. Check out the gallery on the main page.